Art Challenge


Teams that want to connect in a more personal and creative way, discovering a different perspective of their collaboration and teamwork.

  • Get to know each other better and strengthen relationships of trust in the team.
  • Collaborate better together using everyone’s potential to achieve better results.
  • Live a great team moment and a lot of fun.

A perfect activity to activate art, creativity and teamwork. A meeting full of challenges and creative ingenuity, led by specialists who will awaken the creative spark of all participants in a few minutes.

We will start the activity with a welcome and fun connection exercises to help us break the ice. From here we will carry out a series of team dynamics all related to art and creativity.

Art Challenge. In teams, each of them will be challenged to reproduce the work they will find inside an envelope, on a larger scale, and in a limited time. Each team will present their work with a title and in a creative way in front of the group (guaranteed laughter!). At the end of the presentations, the group will be invited to discover the surprise: when we put them together they form a single work. Will the works fit together? Yes, they fit! And that action becomes a fantastic metaphor for the importance of teamwork to achieve better results.

A creative oasis to discover the keys to collaboration in teams as well as having a good time together and creating memorable memories.


Diaphanous and spacious room with tables for all participants. It can be done outside.


The design of the session will be adapted with the client based on the defined objectives and messages.

We can carry out the experience with existing paintings (we work with Picasso and Miró) or the work can be customized.



Art Challenge

A perfect activity to activate creativity and teamwork.

20 personas
Dynamics of art and creativity.
Group coaching dynamics.
Toda España
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    1 facilitator + assistant.
    Design and preparation of the day.
    Materials: Paintings, racks, aprons, etc...

    Los que lo han probado dicen
    Actividad genial para cohesionarse y reconectar equipos. Pasamos un gran momento juntos y además de divertirnos mucho pudimos reforzar relaciones para colaborar mejor.

    Descubrir nuestra creación conjunta fué una sorpresa alucinante. Vivimos los diferentes momentos, algunos fáciles y otros no tantos, por los que pasa la colaboración en un equipo. Además lo pasamos genial!
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