Colorful Teams


Teams that seek to develop interpersonal relationships and the connection between its different members, thus improving overall performance as a team. Teams that want to improve their efficiency, productivity and climate.


The DISC method provides a framework for understanding people’s behaviour, it is a tool widely used by a large number of companies due to its effectiveness and impact.

Understanding the different styles allows us to develop strategies on how to interact with others. Build or develop a team, improve collaboration, resolve conflicts, improve the level of performance and motivation. Challenges that all companies face and are related to human behaviour.

Feedback con D.I.S.C.

  • Understanding the different behavioral styles allows us to develop strategies on how to interact with others and see how we behave in a team.
    Improve understanding and connection of team members.
  • Improve communication, collaboration and team work.
  • Recognize and appreciate the value contributions that each team member provides for the proper functioning and effectiveness of the team.
  • Achieve more cohesive and committed teams.

This is a very dynamic and experiential team development day. We will explain the different styles of behavior and how they relate to each other in a team. We will do dynamics alternated with the theory so that the team members themselves can experiment and realize how they behave with respect to others.

We will see what are the values and characteristics in the work of each style. What are its limitations and its pillars. We will look at leadership styles. How they are motivated and the causes of the conflicts.

We will provide tools for people to learn from where other styles move and thus be able to find new forms of understanding and also to be able to build solid projects together that can achieve great goals.

We’ll work with the «team wheel» and the complementarity of the different profiles. The union of the different styles is the power of a team.

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Diaphanous and spacious room. Flipchart (flipchart). Projector and screen. Sound equipment or speakers. WiFi connection.

Colorful Teams

Build more effective, cohesive and committed teams.

8-15 personas
DISC methodology. Group coaching dynamics. Role playing. PNL.
Español, Català, English, Français
Toda España
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    "We have all loved this session, I totally recommend it, not only on a professional level but also on a personal level, you realize the mistakes we make when we relate to other people and it has helped us understand and accept our differences. We expected a lot from this workshop, but the result has exceeded our expectations"
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