Creative Cocktails


Teams that want to reinforce the relationships and connection between their different members through a playful, creative and sensory experience.

  • Get to know each other better and strengthen relationships of trust in the team.
  • Recognize the different strengths, personalities and potentials in the team.
  • Build on this diversity by making it a strength for the team.
  • Collaborate better together using everyone’s potential to achieve better results.
  • Live a great team moment and a lot of fun.

We will learn the basics of a good cocktail and we will experiment with the value of the mix. The cocktail master will explain the role of each ingredient and the bases of creative cocktails.

We will make a cocktail together and we will see how you can create, communicate and inspire through creative cocktails. We will let go of our creativity and put the best of ourselves into an individual and a team creation. We will discover the richness of the team, the different preferences and styles. Knowing and mixing the ingredients to use in a cocktail well is key, as well as the combination of each person’s strengths are essential for the success of the team.

A sensory team experience that will open us to our most creative and personal part.


Wide tables or bar for the cocktail workshop.


Cocktails can be non-alcoholic.

Creative Cocktails

Connect as a team and get to know each other better thanks to creative cocktails.

6-10 personas
Guided cocktail workshop
Toda España
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    Facilitation of the cocktail creation session (cocktail master).
    Ingredients and drinks for the workshop: 1 guided cocktail per person and 1 of their own creation per participant.

    Los que lo han probado dicen
    "La experiencia ha tenido un impacto muy positivo en el equipo y además lo pasamos muy bien"

    "Actividad divertida para pasar un rato lúdico como equipo y donde pudimos aprender algunos aspectos en coctelería y hacer uno nosotros que nos definiera a cada uno".
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