Creative revolution for corporates


Teams in a corporate environment that want to challenge their creative and innovative thinking in an engaging, inspiring and collaborative way.

  • Discover that we all can be creative, humans are creative by nature.
  • Create environments that foster innovation. Be inspired from best practices in business innovation.
  • Empower your creativity by practicing «creative thinking» techniques.
  • Use collective creativity to boost collective intelligence.
  • Understand the path from creativity to innovation.
  • Team reconnection and networking to renew energy and motivation.

This is a very interactive and engaging workshop for corporate teams that want to foster creativity and innovation by practicing the «creative thinking». We’ll combine inspirational talks with powerful insights with team dynamics to put creativity in practice. We’ll understand how to empower business innovation in every function or company area.

We’ll conduct a survey to all participants before the session to better customize the experience and build the case for practice. The workshop  session will be structured as follows:

  1. Start with a fresh and interactive start to warm up neurons and create an open atmosphere ready to create. Participants will be asked to join a «collective visual maps» and raise their voices!
  2. Inspirational moment sharing the importance of corporate innovation, the role of creativity and how we all can be creative despite our personality or our role/function in the company. Environment and conditions that foster creativity and innovation.
  3. Time for practice «creative thinking» working collectively around a business case. In small groups (6-8) we’ll learn how to break mental barriers and turn problems into opportunities applying creativity.
  4. Share results the the big group will help us to reflect together on how on leadership that inspires and creates conditions that lead to business innovation.
  5. Creative networking: experience a new way to introduce yourself by choosing an object that represents your business and your role, be sure nobody will forget you after the event.
  6. Final group selfie to immortalize the moment! A digital poster will be send after the event.

A dynamic and unforgettable team event to inspire, awake creative talent and reconnect teams in a engaging and fun way.


Computer with good internet connection, camera and microphone.

A mobile device with data (mobile phone or tablet with Wi-Fi or 4G).


The workshop will be contextualized and adapted to the momentum of the organization or the team, adapting objectives and contents to the specific situation.

Creative revolution for corporates

Foster creativity and innovation by practicing the «creative thinking» for corporate teams.

50 personas
Inspirational talks, online interactive workshop (Sparkup), creative thinking.
Toda España
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    Participant's survey before session.
    Customized online talks and interactive workshop.
    2 speakers / facilitators.
    Production and online technical support.

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