The power of ilusi-ON


Teams who want to enjoy an impressive and motivational conference focused on leadership and attitude towards life and change.

  • Discover the emotional and social skills necessary to deal with contexts of change and uncertainty such as the one we live in today.
  • Develop the ability to experience adverse situations with the greatest possible control and positivity and emerge stronger from them.
  • «High» of energy and motivation.
  • Moment of relaxation, having fun and letting go with the dynamics of mentalism.

Conference that combines mentalism, innovative and motivational concepts in an experiential and impressive way. Ramón’s conferences have many adjectives… some of them: entertaining, dynamic, effective, transformational, motivational, inspiring, surprising, different!

The power of the mind is enormous and the attitude we take in life and in the face of the challenges we face will surely mark the success and results in our lives. Developing the ability to experience adverse situations with the greatest possible control and positivity and emerge stronger from them depends on what is essential today for a leader.

Differential values ​​of the conference:

  • It contains motivational, inspirational, transformational,
  • to which we add useful and effective resources and tools to optimize professional and personal life, which they can apply from the moment they leave the room,
  • we carry out the integration of culture/values/message of the event and of the entity/brand, very pleasant, dynamic and surprising,
  • and also generating emotional bond with the brand and event and a positive and very lasting impact on the minds of the attendees.

Content focused on Positive Communication:

The power of emotion (crucial impact on professional and personal life, business, relationships, physiology, performance, decision making and mood, contagious, empowerment, engagement…). People will forget what you said, what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel. And it is that it is necessary to invest more in communication formats that really change the attendees and thus provide greater value and effectiveness.

The power of communication, verbal and non-verbal: key incidences in leading and resolving conversations instead of conflicting ones and also in results (just a non-verbal aspect or a word can favour one result or another). It is a very underused power. We use it to get the elevator up and down when it can get to moving ocean liners. NOTHING IN LIFE IS AS IMPORTANT AS COMMUNICATING EFFECTIVELY.


International Motivational Speaker, Corporate Mentalist, Business and Personal Coaching, Facilitator and Author «The Book of Powers: Discover and expand your potential and influence».

Long experience as an innovative professional expert in making unique, impressive, innovative and effective interventions applicable to corporate environments and events.

Having practiced as a lawyer in London and Barcelona, ​​and later as international sales director and business communication trainer, he evolved and started many years ago to dedicate himself to his great passion: extraordinary communicational, transformational and emotional interventions and contributions.

Collaborations in RADIO and TV with unpublished contributions: TV3, La Sexta, Catalunya Radio, Cadena Ser, Radio Intereconomía, Gestiona Radio, Radio 4, Expansión…


Large and spacious room with chairs.


The power of ilusi-ON

Conference designed to motivate in an original and surprising way

90 personas
Shocking and motivating conference with mentalism.
Toda España
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    This conference/workshop will be conceptualized with the company according to needs.

    Los que lo han probado dicen
    "La intervención que nos ofreció Ramon superó cualquier expectativa tanto por el contenido como por el nivel de asistencia e interés que despertó. Conferenciante brillante que consigue mantener la atención de los asistentes en todo momento y sorprender a más de uno!"

    "Buscábamos a alguien para dar una conferencia inspiradora en un importante evento para la compañía, y me recomendaron a Ramon. Ramon tiene una mente brillante, una gran capacidad para conectar con el público, un mensaje lleno de contenido y una inmensa capacidad de sorprender. Ramon es además una persona de gran calidad humana con la que es muy fácil trabajar. Ramon superó todas nuestras expectativas. Esperamos coincidir de nuevo muy pronto"
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