Leaders and managers who want to learn how to recognise and reduce stress in themselves and within their teams.


Relax – De-stress:

  • Playful moment of group activity in teambuilding format. Team learning thanks to collective intelligence.

Awareness – Reflection:

  • Awareness of one’s own action in stress management.

Knowledge – Learning:

  • Knowledge of the elements of stress
  • Recognition of one’s own stress
  • Learning of the correlation between chronic stress and burnout syndrome
  • Starting to think about actions I can take as a leader to recognise and prevent stress

Relax – De-stress:

  • Playful moment of group activity in teambuilding format. Team learning thanks to collective intelligence.

This is an interactive and highly experiential workshop with specially designed stress recognition coaching tools and a gamified approach to learning.

Gamified workshop (180 minutes):

  • Icebreaker (30 minutes)
  • Mapping stress: Learning the elements of chronic stress through the gamified tool «the Stress Map» that works with signs and symptoms, sources of stress, meta-sources and modulators (90 minutes).
  • Talk-discussion on the evolution and consequences of chronic stress (60 minutes)

During the experience we will combine these 3 tools:

1. Understanding stress:

We work with the basis of the coaching tool the Zinquo Stress Map, as well as our knowledge of chronic work-related stress and its consequences. The knowledge acquired by the participants enables them to become aware of the importance of:

  • their own stress management
  • the impact of not taking action
  • the long term consequences if habits are not changed

2. Coaching & NLP:

We apply the methodology of coaching together with neuro-linguistic programming to achieve greater learning and awareness. We accompany participants to discover their resources and begin to clear the path of obstacles in stress management, becoming aware of their reality and the consequences of their own decisions. We reach awareness through transformational learning.

3. Teambuilding:

We generate an environment of mutual trust among workshop participants through gamified activities, generating an environment of trust and security for the participants. We manage to generate different benefits in the group, which allow us to achieve the combined objective of fun and learning.

In addition, the team is motivated and oriented to commit to take action in the face of stress.

  • Space of approx. 50m2
  • U-chair set-up
  • Screen and projector with PC connection
  • Whiteboard
The facilitator

This workshop is facilitated by a professional executive coach and organisational consultant with 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry in Business Development and Strategy positions. Expert in prevention and management of stress and burnout syndrome. Trained in the Stress Map and creator of this programme for the prevention of chronic work-related stress.


Learn to recognise and reduce stress in yourself and your team.

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Gamified workshop with the "stress map" tool combined with coaching, NLP and teambuilding.
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    "He tomado más conciencia de los factores desencadenantes del estrés, tanto a nivel personal como del equipo."

    "Permite conocer mi mapa del estrés, ver aspectos de mi equipo y cómo gestionarlo y evitar el burnout."

    "Me ha hecho reflexionar no solo a nivel profesional, también personal, y entender porqué reacciono en determinadas situaciones. "
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