Living Virtual Reality


Teams that want to discover VR and the possibilities offered by this new technology through a team building experience with virtual reality that is as impressive as it is fun.

  • Discover the full potential of virtual reality through experience and immersion.
  • Generate interactions between team members through play and fun, which will help them discover a different perspective of their collaboration.

The virtual reality team building experience is designed as a real tasting menu. It is divided into three different types of activities, which can be adapted to the needs of each group, so that the team can try, enjoy and learn about this technology for the first time.

The three phases serve to gradually introduce and familiarise the team with virtual reality:

  1. Experience: serves as an introduction. The person comes into contact with VR and begins to discover the potential of immersion in a 100% experiential way.
  2. Arcade: the tasting continues through the game, a way of learning through experience that will appeal to all participants.
  3. Multiplayer: time to get in touch with the rest of the team! Participants can play and interact in this new virtual world, a paradigm shift that will be truly inspiring.

Throughout the whole session, the conversation about virtual reality is raised. Automatically and through the experience itself, the team will discuss its potential and how it changes the previous perspective on the group of participants.

All of this, marked by a playful, fun and relaxed atmosphere, but always widely enriching!

Playing Virtual: team building con realidad virtual - Portada


Spacious, open-plan room. Wifi.

Living Virtual Reality

Descubrir el potencial de la realidad virtual de forma inmersiva, vivencial y muy lúdica.

20 personas
Latest virtual reality (VR) technology
Toda España
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    VR equipment with HTC Vive Pro glasses (4)

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