Magic Box


Any team that is working remotely and wants to work on interaction, collaboration and commitment through a space of proposals and creative dynamics that help focus and facilitate innovation, creative capacity and co-creation.

  • Generate an environment of trust where we will get to know each other a little more.
  • Encourage interaction and collaboration among members.
  • Connecting and fostering more informal relationships helps us communicate and work together more smoothly and efficiently.
  • Co-create and work together a specific goal that brings together ideas and commitment from all.
  • Relax emotional tensions and have fun.

Who said you can’t do online teambuilding?

This fresh, dynamic and participatory experience can be customized according to the needs and culture of each company. We will define the specific objective to work, which can be the development of the team itself, co-create an action plan or a roadmap, work on the purpose of the team, …

What is the MAGIC BOX? Participants previously receive a surprise box at home. Thus, we also connect with a physical element that surprises the participants at home, as a complement to the virtual experience. In this surprise box, they will find a variety of creative material that will allow them to start playing, playing and creating before the session and then sharing a collaborative co-creation project with the whole team and remotely.

Creativity is not the end but the means, it is the bridge to achieve the objective of the session. The creative process opens our minds and connects us with emotions that bring out new ideas and perspectives. Because maintaining and practicing the creative attitude is vital in these moments of general blockage.

We can later make this collaborative creation tangible in an image or object.


Computer with internet connection, camera and audio.

A mobile device with data (mobile phone or tablet with Wi-Fi or 4G).



In addition to the specified materials, and depending on the objectives, we can support the session with interactive digital tools and gamification that will allow everyone to participate. Even the most introverted will have a voice thanks to these dynamics.

Magic Box

Online creative team building to connect and co-create with colleagues.

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Online equipment dynamization tools. Team coaching dynamics. Techniques inspired by "design thinking" and facilitation to accompany the team and encourage interaction.
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    Preparation and facilitation of the session, with assembly and disassembly of the set with professional technical support (audio / video / props) and access to a virtual platform.


    It does not include the material in the Magic Box as we will adapt the content based on the objectives of the session.

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