One team One voice


Teams looking for a moment of connection with themselves and with the group from a different place than they are used to. A creative, cohesive and highly inspiring moment that awakens the best in each one.

  • Promote group cohesion and a sense of belonging.
  • Experience the keys of a High Performance Team.
  • Work team values, promoting cooperation, listening, recognition and complicity.
  • Stimulate creative thinking.
  • Strengthen communication and trust between members, as well as the bond of each one with the team.

We will start with musical games that will help us enter the dynamics through movement, voice and body. The entire workshop is based on team ‘challenges’, raised from music and movement: sound human mandalas, a musical composition in teams and the improvised music circle of percussion and voice.

An experience designed to play and have fun co-creating as a team, with a lot of impact, highly inspiring and that connects people beyond the mental. The awareness through the feedbacks and debriefings of the challenges allow us to work on the bases of communication and team leadership.

The Drum Circle is an end in itself. It is not a rehearsal or a concert. Its main purpose is in the process and in discovering each one as an individual and as a member of the team.


Chairs for all participants. Microphone.

One team One voice

Interact as a team in an inspiring, impressive and fun way through the connection generated by music.

20-100 personas
Drum circle based on music therapy techniques and group coaching.
Indoor / Outdoor
Toda España
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    Facilitation of the session, instruments and materials.

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