Painting our future


Teams that want to participate in a session about their own engagement, identifying the different visions and motivations around the professional project.

  • Promote teamwork and proactivity of all members.
  • Collaboratively envision the challenges of the future project.
  • Activate the team’s willingness to contribute actively and positively.
  • Work creativity and get out of the comfort zone.

We will start by doing a creative job of individual painting to introduce ourselves and reflect how we live in the present moment. Group work is based on the moment of the team and the challenges to come. We will talk about change, uncertainty and the emotions that emerge in these situations. We will reflect on the behaviors and forms of collaboration that maximize motivation and commitment.

The challenge is to reflect our collective vision on one or two large canvases that represent the future of this team. We will work in two groups and we will end up generating an interaction that will unify the commitment at the end of the workshop.

An unforgettable team experience, in which we will emotionally involve the team. We will record this emotion in an artistic creation that will last and will be the reflection of our collective commitment.


Open and spacious space with tables for the material and chairs for all participants.


It is recommended to carry out the activity outside the work environment.

There is the possibility of using the artistic workshop of the painter (Barcelona center) with a maximum capacity of 20 people. For events with more participants we can provide you with an adapted and inspiring space.

Painting our future

Bring together the visions and ideas of the team and turn them into positive and sustainable changes.

10-20 personas
Dinámicas grupales, taller de pintura
Español, Català, English
Toda España
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    Facilitation and materials for the painting activity (individual and mural).

    The paintings that are made are for the company.


    Venue and catering

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