Tribal experience


Teams looking for a highly inspiring moment of group connection from a different place than the one they are used to. The tribal spirit awakens the best in each one, invoking the breaking of barriers and generating commitment.

  • Uncover the energy of the group, get out of the comfort zone, generate motivation and mutual recognition.
  • Cohesion of the group and develop a sense of belonging.
  • Work on team values, promoting cooperation, listening, respect, complicity and communication.
  • Reduce stress levels by releasing adrenaline.

We will start with musical games through movement, voice and body. These icebreakers will help the participants to get to know each other better and establish the right atmosphere for the session. We’ll use music and percussion metaphors to discover the different styles, personalities and «operating models» in the group, seeking the parallelism with rhythms and musical styles.

The Drum Circle (or Percussion Circle) will display the leadership of the group, communicating and interacting through the instruments, the body and the voice. The awareness and feedback during the Drum Circle will allow us to experience the fundamental values ​​of the team.

In the second part of the experience tribal dance comes into action. The Haka is a type of ancient Maori war dance consisting of body percussion and singing. It is done in unison, and among the rhythmic movements that characterize it are: strong stomps on the ground, arm movements, shaking hands and unique facial gestures.

We will paint our faces and work so that the singing and dancing is coordinated and with great force. It is the most shocking moment of the session, all the energy of the group is displayed with this war dance that celebrates the truffle of life in the face of death.

Rush of energy, connection and pride are some of the emotions that we will experience together.


Open room and chairs for all participants.


Tribal experience

Generate a moment of high energy and connection involving the tribal dance team.

15 personas
Drum circle + Haka
Toda España
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    Session facilitation.

    Los que lo han probado dicen
    '’Tribal Experience is a highly recommended activity. As a group, each of us let our inner child out and we ended with a boost of energy, strength and good vibes. Now it's up to us to maintain this energy in our day-to-day."

    "It enhances the values of listening and communication of the team, totally recommended to have a fun time, motivate and empower collaborators".

    "Innovative, dynamic, entertaining and useful experience to break the ice in a team in which they did not know each other. Great "conductor", empathetic, educated, with the appropriate limits and daring."
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