Authentic Haka Experience


Teams that are looking for an impacftul and empowering experience.

The Haka is an ancient dance of the New Zealand Maori and was traditionally used to prepare for war. It would be performed before the battle with the enemy. The nature of the Haka was important in creating a bond amongst the group, to mentally prepare them for the reality of war.

Modern day, the Haka is performed by the New Zealand’s rugby team All Blacks before a rugby match. Doing the Haka helps the All Blacks team to become one unit, and to draw strength and power from each other to take on any challenge that arises.

The Introduction Experience workshop is managed by New Zealanders, coming from a mix of Maori and Polynesia decent. As kids growing up in New Zealand, they learned the Haka before they could walk. The Haka taught them the importance of self-confidence, teamwork, and respect at a young age and this workshop is a great start to experience the Haka for the first time. We will give you an impressive guide to the Haka, and teach you the positive and fun influence it can have on your overall team spirit.

  • Encourage self-confidence, to develop team spirit and to strengthen your team’s performance towards accomplishing goals.
  • Work as a team to overcome the challenges setting clear organizational goals & showing the importance of practical Leadership.
  • Promote corporate or team identity.
  • Experiment in a physical activity that promotes both bodily & intellectual benefits as well as adding a social element per excellence.
  • To enjoy a funny & relaxed journey.

1st phase: Introduction 

  • We will demonstrate a full version of the Haka, to surprise your team and catch their attention.
  • A short presentation of what the Haka represents.
  • Teach Maori traditions, such as the greeting and the Pukana (facial expressions), which will get them outside their comfort zone.

2nd phase: Teaching the Haka

  • Teach your team the important actions and words of the Haka, which will encourage your team to work together as one.
  • Perform the learned actions and words all together.

3rd phase: Create your Haka story

  • Depending on the size of the group or group requests, we can stay as one team or split the team evenly and create multiple Haka’s.
  • We create your own Haka by adding your own special actions. These actions will represent your team and the story you wish to tell.

4th phase: Final battle

Perform Haka(s). Depending on the group’s request, we can make this a fun and enjoyable contest. We will judge on creativity (story & actions), team work and leadership.


Large room, 1 flipchart and several markers.

Authentic Haka Experience

A fun, unique and energetic teambuilding experience

8-20 personas
Toda España
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    1 New Zealand Haka trainer of Maori origin.
    Flights, diets and accommodation Haka trainer.
    Corporate values ​​of the client included in the script of the activity.

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