Successful recipes


Working teams of any type (management committees, departments, transversal teams, newly created,…) that want to improve their connection and get to know each other better to develop collaboration and teamwork.

  • Individual and collective awareness of behavior patterns of teamwork.
  • Get to know each other better individually and strengthen confidence in the team.
  • Promote the integration of diversity by identifying the strengths of each individual.
  • Help improve bonding between people and team collaboration.
  • Generate a good atmosphere and lots of fun.

We will move our office to a kitchen where the team will have to accomplish various culinary challenges using their skills in a different, motivating and new environment for most of the team.

TAPAS CONTEST: Teams must design and make a recipe from scratch from ingredients found in a «market» in a limited time and under the supervision of a team of chefs. They have to prepare as many portions as there are attendees in the team cooking.

The workshop will be organized in 4 groups, defined by the client. Each group will make the cover that will compete in the contest in which the chefs will act as a jury. Valuing: creativity, teamwork, innovation or the criteria that fit with the corporate objectives of the company. The appetizers will serve as the first course.

During the preparation of the tapas, the chefs will be able to «steal» people from the teams to prepare the rest of the menu in parallel: Paella de butifarra y setas and Mousse de yogourt con frutos rojos.


Successful recipes

Strengthen team collaboration and trust by putting high performance skills to the test through culinary challenges.

10-15 personas
Cooking workshop with preparation of recipes and team dynamics.
Español, Català, English
Toda España
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